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Abortion continued....


There is need for compassion and understanding in some special cases, although it should never be at the cost of justice. Concerning the threat to the mother's life, fortunately with good medical care such cases are rare. A heavy responsibility rests with the doctor whose decision will be taken into consultation with a second opinion and all parties concerned. One can only accept their considered opinion in such cases.

The 1967 Abortion Act also covers the eventuality of a child who might be born seriously handicapped. One doctor has commented that the breeding of defectives is a worse evil than abortion. But what message does that send out to our friends and relatives who are handicapped, but living happy and useful lives? Does it mean that really shouldn't be here? Such ideas come perilously near to those of Hitler and cannot be tolerated. One person who would have been regarded as a candidate for abortion had a father who was syphilitic and a mother who had tuberculosis. Their first child was born blind and second child died. The third was deaf and dumb and the fourth was also tubercular. A doctor was asked what he would have done in such circumstances. He answered "I would have ended the pregnancy". "Then" replied his friend, "you would have murdered Beethoven!"

Rape of course presents an awful dilemma for the victim, but we must still not lose sight of the child despite the circumstances of the conception. The prophet Ezekiel said that the son should not bear the iniquity of the father(9). We ask then whether a child should be punished (losing its life) because of the sin (the rape) of the father? This is exceptionally sensitive ground and should be approached with great care and compassion.

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