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Abortion continued....


The details of an abortion operation make gruesome reading, and the pro-abortionists do not like them to be publicised. Even a request for a part of the procedure to be shown on Television was turned down. It was obviously regarded as too shocking - but it is shocking! And if we were not shocked we would be regarded as devoid of all sensitivity and feeling.

An older method of abortion was to insert an implement into the womb, the walls of which would be scraped until the foetus was cut in pieces, or dealt with by a suction tube which tore it into pieces. How barbaric can we become?

Another method was to inject a toxic solution by a long needle into the mother's abdomen which poisoned, burned and killed the child. In later stages of pregnancy other surgery is performed such as hysterectomy when the womb and foetus are removed and discarded.

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1. Some scientific and Christian perspectives concerning human birth and abortion

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