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Abortion continued....


The sponsors of the Abortion Bill must themselves have been surprised by what has happened. Even before the Act was passed there was a rush for the operation, and as the years have passed, it seems that the medical world has turned a blind eye to the requirements of the Act by virtually making abortion available by request or on demand. Why so many doctors and nurses are willing to perform the operation is disconcerting, particularly bearing in mind the old-time Hippocratic oath now up-dated to read "I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of conception".(2)

We have now reached the stage where abortion is being given, not necessarily because of the prescribed valid reasons, but because of irresponsible sexual behaviour it is being used as a post-pregnant form of birth control. It would be interesting to learn how many members of the medical staff are diverted from constructive surgery to attend abortions. There can be no delay either with these operations. Would the number of abortion requests lessen if there was a 10-month waiting list?

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1. Some scientific and Christian perspectives concerning human birth and abortion

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