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The main difference between Christian ethics and any other system of human ethics is that they are revelational. This means that they are based upon God's revelation of Himself to mankind through the Scriptures. This does not mean that they are merely a new system of rules and regulations. This is because the Scriptures reveal to mankind the heart and desire of God with regard to his creation. This divine will is revealed in the Word of God and by the working of the Holy Spirit.

The Word of God unfolds God's plan of salvation from the beginning of time and points out the way in which mankind needs to re-establish his relationship with God. This relationship needs to be restored because it was ruptured due to man's sin. This sin led to the fall and results in mankind's complete solidarity with his first ancestor -Adam.

Any system of ethics, which does not acknowledge man's inability and his sinfulness, is immediately deficient. This is the reason for the weaknesses that are apparent in non-Christian ethical systems. In all their emphasis upon right and wrong, they ignore the fact that mankind is unable to do what is right because of his fallen nature. (Romans 7:14-15)

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