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Morality in Societies Around the World ... continued


It is readily admitted that because of modern science, technology and new discoveries there come times when decisions are difficult. We find ourselves in what we call grey areas.

Specific subjects were not even known when the Bible was written, so how can it help us decide?

First, it does give us some principles to guide us. For instance if we believe that man was made in the Image of God then we must respect the sanctity of life at all levels. Nature also helps us. The apostle Paul in Romans chapter 1 , describes sexual perversity as 'unnatural'.

A further help is the Christian conscience which gives powerful intuitions. In some Christian bookshops one can purhase a bracelet with the initials WWJD. "What would Jesus do"? A timely reminder to follow His example, and very often when the question is sincerely asked the right answer comes.

Contributory factors affecting choice
What about moral values and religion
What then is the determining factor
When difficulties arise


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