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Morality in Societies Around the World ... continued


If the choice of moral values is purely a personal matter, then there will be many different choices. The Christian viewpoint does not regard Morality as a kind of supermarket in which one can shop around for the particular 'product' one is happy with. This only results in confusion.

Frank Buchman (1878-1961) was an American Lutheran by religious persuasion, and was converted to Christ at a Keswick Convention meeting in 1908. He later founded a worldwide programme called Moral Re-armament, (MRA). He attracted a large following -including influential people -worldwide. The agenda was four Absolutes; Absolute Purity , Absolute Unselfishness, Absolute Honesty and Absolute Love. Although he did not particularly stress Christian doctrine or the person of Christ, his tenets did emphasise Christian ethics and drew attention to the Bible as a manual of moral values.

The Ten commandments recorded in the book of Exodus (chapter 20) have always been known as the Moral Law, the elements of which have been basic to moral codes in all civilised societies.

Tertullian, (2nd century AD) lived in Carthage, North Africa once declared that these commandments "were written on human hearts before they were engraved in stone". Christians do therefore regard the Bible as a manual containing the foundations of true moral values. Jesus Himself accepted these laws and further explained and demonstrated them in His life. It should be noted however that true values are not merely shown by actions but also by our thoughts. So while murder is ruled out, so is anger, and while immorality is ruled out so is the lustful anticipation. Jesus raised these values to anew and higher standard.

Contributory factors affecting choice
What about moral values and religion
What then is the determining factor
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