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Morality in Societies Around the World ... continued


There are several reasons involved in the choice of moral values. They include one's genetic make-up, early influences, experience and even sought- after ideals.

The American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg (1927-1987) set out several levels at which moral values are evaluated.

There is the early level which affects children. They respond to their respective culture's labelling of things that are right or wrong, good or bad and learn that choices have consequences of pain or pleasure, reward or punishment.

The second level is the conforming to the expected norms of society I whether in the family, the community or the nation. These choices too will either earn society's approval or disapproval.

Another level of evaluation is that of individual and independent choice which may be prompted by a disagreement or rejection of accepted norms, or, on the other hand rejected because of the acceptance of higher principles guided by conscience or a religious belief system .

Contributory factors affecting choice
What about moral values and religion
What then is the determining factor
When difficulties arise


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