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drug usage facts

The Office of National Statistics has published the following statistics and other facts about the nation's health-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in its 'Health in England 1996' report. The report gives a snapshot of people's attitudes to smoking and drinking, physical activity, nutrition, drug use, sexual health, behaviour in the sun and general health. What is produced below is a summary of the drugs related information:

Of those surveyed more than a quarter (28 per cent) admitted they had used cannabis, 13 per cent had used amphetamines, 9 per cent had used amyl nitrates, and 1 per cent had used heroin.
A third of respondents, aged 16-54, said that they had taken drugs illegally. Of these, 14 per cent had done so in the last year and 9 per cent in the last month.
Of the people reporting having taken illegal drugs in the last month, 18 per cent said they intended to stop in the next month, and 10 per cent did not see the need to ever stop taking drugs.

In the 19-21 age group, 74 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women had tried drugs at some time, consituting the largest overall user group.
A third of men and women smoke at least one cigarette a day. Smoking is most common in the 16-24 age group, and the incidence decreases with age. Almost two-thirds of smokers would like to give up.
Alcohol consumption for both men and women was higher in the 16-24 age-group than it was in other age groups. The mean consumption in this group was 22.4 units a week for men and 14.4 for women.

In addition to this report is included a set of figures of drug use from an Web based survey carried out by Surveynet (here).


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