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Eventually, when i got home, i got a bit of sleep and woke up in time to get myself ready for church. On arriving, i sat by Lyn and i was quite shocked to see people were clapping, dancing and shaking tambourines. I thought 'wow! This is really good!' nearing the end of the service, Dave asked if anyone wanted prayer and people would pray for them. At my request, Dave asked a friend of his from Manchester to pray for me. When he prayed, i was a bit confused as the language he used was not in a Manchunian accent! In fact, it sounded very foreign to me! While this man was praying for me in this funny unknown language, i nudged Lyn next to me and said quite loudly, "he's not from Manchester!" They just laughed at me and said that he was speaking in tongues. I didn't really know what tongues were but i did know that while he was praying for me something was happening. I felt really warm and loved and a presence of peace and security just filled me. It would be really nice if i had come off drugs straight away, but i didn't and for about a month i still dabbled. I was not taking anywhere near as much as i had been used to. I still had one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. Accepting Jesus as my saviour was easy, receiving him as my lord took some working through.

The second encounter i had with God put an end to that. I was in my dad's house one evening. I'd taken a small amount of drugs with two friends of mine called Rod and John. These were probably not the best people for a new Christian to hang around with. John was into witchcraft and he told me on a number of occasions how he had sold his soul to the devil in a contract. Rod was a hopeless alcoholic. We were in my bedroom when the room became very bright and feeling of heat and fire filled the room. God spoke to me in an audible way. He said "choose this day what you are going to serve.

Serve either me or drugs." Not being very religious i quickly replied, "God, you just can't take drugs away from an addict and leave him with nothing. You've got to give me something better to keep me off drugs!" On saying that, it felt as though someone had attached a 2000 watt hoover to the top of my head and hit the power button. It felt as though everything had been sucked out of me. I was just lying there in the chair so weak and so drained and so helpless. Then from my feet to the top of my head, i started to get filled with such a peace and presence that i would never forget. I was just so overwhelmed with love and a feeling of joy. I was so clean i felt as if i'd been given a brand new start. The amazing thing was that the whole desire and craving for drugs was gone. I was on a different 'high'. Rod and John then asked me what was the voice and bright light. I then went on to explain to them what was happening in my life and how i had been trying to run away from God. Their comment was not surprising. They said i was stupid. Here we all were mixed up in all this stuff and God came along and put his hand on my life and he chooses me and i was trying to run away from him - stupid!

From that day on, i've really been impacted by God. I have such a passion for him and a desire to serve him. I have been involved in many evangelistic events and missions including a number of church planting initiatives over the last ten years. I just have a desire to tell other people about my experience of meeting Jesus.


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