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A Guide for worried parents, teenagers who are using drugs or thinking about using drugs and anyone who wants to know more about the subject.

This website has been accredited by the Matthew Project in Norwich, Greater Manchester Police force and the Office of National Drug Control Policy (The White House)

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Are a charity based in Norfolk, England (region number 7):
uk map Drug Aid is a telephone helpline for those of any age who have solvent or drug-related problems. This could be a person using drugs themselves, their family or friends, those working with young people or members of the public. Drug Aid can also be contacted by telephoning 01603 764754.
In there work, they place great emphasis on education and prevention, both in the areas of drugs and sovents, as well as Safer Sex, HIV and AIDS.
Annually we give education and prevention presentations to approximately 4,000 young people in schools and youth clubs, as well as giving talks to around 1,500 interested adults, including Parent Teacher Associations.
The Matthew Project was set upto be an implicit expression of the Christian faith of its members and meeting the needs of the community is seen as an essential part of the outworking of their faith. We believe we canoffer the type of caring concern so desperately needed by many young people, in a way which others can readily support without necessarily sharing our Christian basis. "It is particlulary important to us to ensure that the help we offer is given completely unconditionally, without discrimination or partiality of any kind and without pressure on people to choose one course of action, over and above another."

Information has been supplied and ratified by the Mathew Project for use within the Universtity of East Anglia Drugs Information Website.

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