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A Guide for worried parents, teenagers who are using drugs or thinking about using drugs and anyone who wants to know more about the subject.

This website has been accredited by the Matthew Project in Norwich, Greater Manchester Police force and the Office of National Drug Control Policy (The White House)

jubilee outreach


It was from the efforts of Graham Jones that the original idea for this site originated, Jubilee Outreach provided a lot of the original material and intially liased with Greater Manchester Police force.
They are a Christian organisation whose main focus is educating young people through the use of real life stories and visual aids.
If you would like Graham to come and take any seminars to do with Drug Prevention he would certainly be happy to do so. Also if you would like him to come and share his Testomony in an evangelistic setting then please get in touch with him. One of there objectives is to equip the Church and help them understand what is really happening in the drug culture, the slides and drug kits they have available are a tremendous visual aid in accomplishing this.

Some of the seminars they do
What are drugs? Why young people take drugs? How drugs affect the individual and the family, how the drug users support their habit, reaching people in the drug culture, supporting parents through difficult times (some examples)
Please pray for the work of jubilee outreach. They have 3 clear prayer requests:

If anyone would like to support the work of D - PAT (Drugs Prevention Awareness Training), please contact :
Graham Jones.
Gateway Christian Center Vulcan off Tong St Bradford, BD4 9QY
Telephone & Fax 01274 680-808

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